What We Preach

"What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us." - A.W. Tozer

What We Teach

We Teach That God is Holy and Sovereign in All Things and Above All Things.

We Teach That God Is 3 In One and Is The Most Important Character in Our Salvation Story.

We Teach That God The Father is the First Person of The Trinity. It is His Will and Purpose That is the Utmost Important. It Is Him Who Created All Things and All Things Exist For His Purpose.

We Teach That God The Son is The Second Person of the Trinity and the Only Son of God The Father. His Name is Jesus and He Was Born By The Power of God The Holy Spirit Through A Virgin Named Mary.

We Teach That God The Son Came From Heaven To Execute The Will and The Purpose of God The Father.

We Teach That God The Son Lived a Perfect Sin Free Life.

We Teach That God The Son (Jesus) Died in Our Place and Was Raised On The Third Day. That God The Son Ascended To Heaven and Currently Resides at the Right Hand Side of the God The Father. He is The Head of the Church and Preeminent Over All Persons and Things.

We Teach That God The Son Will One Day Return For Us and We Should Anticipate His Return Daily.

We Teach That God The Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the Trinity.  We Teach That No Can Say “Jesus Is Lord” Except By a Move of God The Holy Spirit on their Hearts.

We Teach that God The Holy Spirit Empowers Believers to Please God By Faith. God The Holy Spirit Dwells in Every Believer Helping them To Understand The Word of God, Obey The Word of God, and Advance The Kingdom Of God.

We Teach it is The Fruit of God The Holy Spirit That Grows Us Up in the Kingdom and Causes us To Live a Different Lifestyle.

We Teach That Man is Born in Depravity And Very Much In Need of A Savior.

We Teach That We Our Saved By Grace For Good Works.

We Teach That God Does All Things Well and Perfect. Therefore, We Can Be Confident About His Promises and Confident About Our Salvation That He Has Gifted Us.

We Teach That The Bible is God's Holy Inspired Word With No Errors and Is Given To Us By Faith. To Help Us In All Matters Of Life and Faith.

We Teach That Every Believer Should Strive To Place Their Lives Under Biblical Supervision.

We Teach That Every Believer Should Strive To Grow In Their Walk With God Mainly Through Discipleship, Spiritual Disciplines, and Service To The Lord.

We Teach That The Family Plays An Important Integral Part of the Kingdom and Cultivating Functional Healthy Families Should Be Every Believers Goal.

We Teach That God's Original Plan of One Man And One Woman Married By God is The Start To Cultivating A Healthy Kingdom Family.

We Teach That God is Love and He Loves His Children Passionately.

We Teach That We Exist To Glorify Christ With Our Lives and Advance His Kingdom.

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